Looking for Alaska

I’d picked up and read the first page of ‘Looking for Alaska’ by John Green (Young Adult novel) and put it down again.

I can’t remember why I did this, maybe because I thought ‘ugh’ another book about school. So, I read several other books.

And on Monday, I was going away for a few days to the Lakes and looked through the pile, wondering which book to take. ‘Oh go on, give ‘Looking for Alaska’ a go.

I finished it in the three days we were there. There was smoking and drinking and talk about sex and some intimate moments in the book – useful to know how these are done in a YA book.

Why did I like it?

1) The sense of humour.

2) I like learning something new when I read a book, I learned about dying people’s last words.

3) I was reminded to give a character some unique trait. Important that one.

4) There was a mystery of sorts at the end. Little flaw, I did guess the key about Alaska near the end. Though I like the ambiguity we were left with.

5) And there was a message, even though as writers we are told not to put a message in. I love a message! Forgive. Forgive ourselves and others.

So I’m glad we went away for a few days because it was wonderful in the Lakes in springtime and it also meant I did read ‘Looking for Alaska.’ Win, win.

PS – sorry if I’ve told you a little bit too much information about the book if you haven’t read it. 🙂Kendal April 2017 011


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