Beauty in the written word – The Stone Diaries.

I’m reading a lot of Young Adult Fiction at the moment. ‘The Sun is also a Star’ by Nicola Yoon has been one of my favourites so far. It was first published in 2016.
The book I read before this was ‘I Capture the Castle’ by Dodie Smith, first printed in 1949. At the time this wasn’t classified as Young Adult because the term didn’t exist. It has been reprinted by Virago, reclaiming it as a novel for all ages. It became my favourite above ‘The Sun is also a Star.’
This morning, I finished ‘The Stone Diaries’ by Carol Shields. First published in 1993. A novel, not Young Adult.
I like this book the best. ‘The Stone Diaries’ made my heart sing. It has lists, glorious lists, it slips between characters, sliding between their exterior and interior worlds. It has phrases, sublime, mesmerizing phrases that touch your soul. You don’t understand them, but they speak to you. It takes its time, it repeats, it cradled me in another time and place and it taught me things. It makes me want to do things. It made me smile. It showed me truth about the human condition. You could wander through sentences and soak in fragrances and colours and places. I feel different for having read it. It has reinforced the way I want to write. Thank you, ‘The Stone Diaries,’ thank you for not being logical in every phrase but for capturing the essence like an abstract painting. Thank you.

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