Inspiration and confirmation

I’m reading Young Adult books at the moment as I’m writing a novel aimed at this market. The latest book, which I’ve read before, is ‘I Capture the Castle’ by Dodie Smith. (She wrote 101 Dalmations) I never thought of it as a ‘young adult’ book when I first read it; it was a novel.
Anyway, that is a different discussion to the one that hit me when I read a certain paragraph. I’ve noted three in the book that have specifically given me inspiration and confirmation. I’ll blog about the others on another day.
By the way, Virago have published the book because they believe it is for all ages – which it is.
The section though and this comes after recent discussions with others at SCBWI is about ‘does everything have to make sense in a novel.’ I’ve always argued that I don’t need it to. If a phrase sounds beautiful, then I’m happy for it not to make sense. And I’m happy to get the gist of something rather than it always being spelled out for me. I see fiction as a work of art, not a piece of factual, backed up journalism.
There. Said it.
So, the confirmation when reading something I believe in myself:

I Capture the Castle, page 294 in the Virago copy.

Conversation between Cassandra and her brother Thomas about their father’s writing. How some don’t understand the experimental book he’s written. (Harry is Thomas’ friend)

“And who says you always have to understand things? You can like them without understanding them – like ’em better sometimes. I ought to have known Harry’s father would be no help to us – he’s the kind of man who says he enjoys a good yarn.’


Now I’m off to write something wonderfully nonsensical. On a side note, this goes for people too!

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