Taking Time…

DSC02525Talking to a Japanese friend in January, she spoke about taking time and not rushing things. I do tend to rush and what she said made sense and also came as a relief. Sometimes, we don’t know what we need and when we realise what it is, it’s a massive sigh of ‘Thank you!’

In writing, Plot is my downfall and so I am slowing down with my writing and I’m reading more to help me. I’ve read the Elena Ferrante Neopolitan novels and lat night, finished The Paying Guests by Sarah Waters. They take their time. So, in writing The Boys, I’m taking my time. They both build the status quo to breaking point. So today, it’s back to Hawksmoor and building Dee’s life so that the reader knows her and her environment and what happens in this moorland village so close to the sea.
Taking time….


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