The Sigh

William Blake for Cloud PlayI’ve taken a few weeks off from writing following a break up from Agent Jane. Listening to Radio 4 yesterday, I had my first spark. The discussion was about the Sigh. How we probably used sighing before language. Even now, when we are supposedly so eloquent, it can say more than words. Animals sigh. Babies sigh. It is not only about showing an emotion it is also about health. People believed sighing could get rid of illness. It was thought that melancholia was an illness and that by sighing, it rid the body of the ‘badness’ and so you felt better. Sadness could be a killer, much better to sigh your way out of it!
People who did die from sadness, when cut open, had a heart like a withered leaf.
There is a connection between the heart and the ear, so it is believed, so when you hear another person sighing, you take on their sigh and become one with their emotion.
There is also the sigh of pleasure and that says more than words too.
Sighing resets the breath. If you’re panicking, a long sigh can calm that rapid breathing.
So, it is a survival technique too, a release that we can hear echoed in the trees, in the wind and the sea.
I feel something has shifted. Maybe the sigh will start me writing again.