Talk by a Crime Writer

Last night I went to a talk at our local library given as part of our local Book Festival. The Manchester born crime writer, Rachel Abbott answered questions from the engaging Marie Basting followed by questions from the audience.

Due to Marie’s relaxed, encompassing humour, Rachel’s warm, interesting and honest responses, plus hospitable library and festival staff, it was a massively enjoyable evening. And I learnt something too!

Crime writers are generally happy people because they expect the worst and when something good happens it’s a bonus.

As opposed to Romance writers who expect the best and life often doesn’t come up with the goods.

Made me wonder what Picture book writers are generally like, and Middle Grade and Young Adult writers. Then there is Fantasy and Mystery, Historical….

Interesting too because I’ve been talking with my husband about this subject over the last few days. He heard an interview on the radio about Negative people being generally happier than Positive, echoing what Rachel said. Guess which is which between us.


Digressing slightly there. Authors often wonder whether festival talks are worth it for book sales, finding new readers, for the time and effort spent. Well, it made me want to read crime/mystery novels and I don’t usually. A point of note, Rachel’s stories are about what people do in a dilemma, the choices they make and crimes they may therefore commit. They aren’t focused on the detective solving the murder. And this makes them more attractive to me. As Rachel said, a detective generally solves the crime, coming from the other angle, you never know what will happen.

If I hadn’t been to last night’s event, I wouldn’t have known this and wouldn’t have been tempted to buy one of her books, which I did, her latest, ‘Kill Me Again.’

Twisty and complex, apparently.

Another interesting point, Rachel is self-published. She is the number one independent author on Amazon Kindle and fourteenth in the Amazon chart of all authors. She writes full time and has an Agent who deals with translations. Germany is a good market to get into as Germans read a great deal. And Marketing is the key. Get yourself a plan. As a control freak, this works for her.

A great evening. Another reason we need our libraries and local book festivals.


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