Manchester After Hours


Manchester After Hours – One Night. City Wide. Free Events.
Last night saw a flurry of free events across Manchester. Music, poetry, fashion, dance, craft, comedy.
I volunteered at ‘Physical at The Portico Library’ on Mosley Street featuring Poet and Guardian First Book Award-winner Andrew McMillan and contemporary dancer and choreographer Joshua Hubbard with some classical then more mainstream music adding another dimension to the piece. Fifteen minutes of breathtaking movement, subtle but emotional interaction between Andrew and Joshua as their stories combined. And set in the beautiful, welcoming Georgian Library.

The Portico offers further events, music and readings, so have a look at the website. Libraries are for the public to enjoy and find out about. The Portico is where I volunteer and I have come to love it for its uniqueness, its private members who help keep it going and for the wow factor when you walk through the door and look up at the beautiful glass domed ceiling, the walls of books, many waiting for restoration and the genuine welcome. It’s a working library for researchers and the interested and you can feel it. This is what makes it so special. If you want to borrow a book go to your local library or the Central Library, but if you’re looking for a different type of experience, The Portico is the place. Come and look!


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