I’ve been thinking a lot about rejection this morning. A writer experiences a great deal of rejection, putting our work out there and getting back No after No, always hoping for a Yes and when that Yes comes, if it comes, then the Nos are forgotten.
We all experience rejection in life too and after a while, it can change the way we behave. We can stop telling people our dreams, how we feel, what makes us happy, applying for those jobs. We can stop giving a person hugs if they shrug us away, tell us we’re too affectionate, too needy, too not what they want us to be. So we can change the way we behave and ultimately, that changes who we are.
But rejection is part of life. Are we going to go through life becoming less and less of ourselves because that will happen if we let someone else’s rejection of us make us think there is something wrong with us, because if we were perfect, they wouldn’t reject us?

So instead, what if we change they way we view rejection?

What if we realise that there is nothing wrong with our work or who we are, what if it’s just that our work or who we are haven’t found the place it or we belong?
What if rejection is an opportunity? What if it’s a chance to explore and find the place where we do belong and with the person or people we fit with? What if rejection is the signpost to better places and people?
And what if we stop looking at ourselves as lacking but look outward instead and see how big and wide the world is and that rejection from one thing or person opens up the opportunity to explore and grow and expand and find where we, our work, our unique selves belong?


One thought on “Rejection

  1. I think that writers in general, being the constant self critics on their own work, are prone to rejection more than most because it can happen all the time on both a personal level and at a professional one. I have many times that I look at mine going from yes to no and back again. That’s before I dare share it with anyone too !!

    Ergo I entirely agree with the suggestion of changing how we view it. I look at my own self critic rejection as a warning shot to check I’ve not done something stupid. Feedback the same…if its clausal and constructive than all’s good otherwise its no use; ignore.

    The outside rejection interpretation I like…an opportunity to move a piece you know is good to someone that will appreciate it and take it on-board.

    Good post and food for thought indeed; very positive 🙂


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