The times you want to contact your agent after The London Book Fair and ask, ‘Well? What’s going on? Who did you speak to? What did you say? What did they say? Did anyone say anything?’
And then you reluctantly and distractedly get back to editing.
God, this is hard.
No news is good news?
Sod that. No news is definitely bad.



I’ve axed over 10,000 words. These are mainly flashbacks. The original remit from Agent Jane was to merge two books. Think it’s the most difficult thing I’ve tried to do, writing wise. And now I’m axing most of the first book, Meeting Coty, that I’d tried to incorporate into The Perfume Maker. I wrote Meeting Coty in 2007, it is out of it’s first publisher’s contract, so I can do what I want with it now.
Tessa, the lead character has changed, she has got what she always wanted and now finds it’s not what she needs any more. And I have changed, my ideas about life and living and writing are different. So, I’ve axed those 10,000 words.
Agent Jane has meetings set up at The London Book Fair next week and I was trying to have a finished draft ready for her this weekend, but it’s not ready. Luckily, she doesn’t need the manuscript and will talk about both The Perfume Maker (still a working title) and Jiddy Vardy with editors. Phew. Now let’s see what the Book Fair brings and I can concentrate on critiquing four pieces for the SCBWI conference tomorrow.