Manuscript to Agent Jane

TessaWell, this final, final, final and another final edit has taken longer than I thought and I think because of this, I’ve been reluctant to let The Perfume Maker (working title) go. Anyway, it’s 16.14 and it’s gone, emailed over to Agent Jane to print up and read. Will she like it? Will it be what she expected and hoped? She said perfume is sexy, people will love a story about perfume. But it’s about more than perfume, it’s about perfume, sherry and liquorice and women and Paris and Jerez de la Frontera. Don’t panic. Agent Jane will read it and honestly tell me what she thinks and I have a title to come up with.
She’s taking it to The London Book Fair, so it had better have a belter of a title. Now where’s that list…….?

One thought on “Manuscript to Agent Jane

  1. Edits taking longer than you thought…thank you for that because I thought it was just me!! I’m bogged down and neglecting everything lol

    Neat you have an agent and good luck with the submission 🙂


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