Painting with Words

I’m editing the perfume/Coty book to get to Agent Jane for early next week and reading Henry Miller’s ‘Dark Spring’ at the same time. I love the energy of his writing and his free flowing descriptions painting a scene…
‘The city is panting with a five o’clock sweat. From the tops of the sky-scrapers plumes of smoke soft as Cleopatra’s feathers. The air beats thick, the bats are flapping, the cement softens, the iron rails flatten under the broad flanges of the trolley wheels. Life is written down in headlines twelve feet high with….the stunchions gleaming, the hawsers tight, the slips grunting, the moss splitting and spelching in the ferry slips. A warm sultry haze lying over the city like a cup of fat…’

I like non-sentences and evocative images. Think a little of this has slipped into my writing. Thanks Henry Miller 🙂


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