Ruth Estevez - Paris 1I love research, it can take over so that all you do is learn more and more about your subject and don’t actually get on with writing, but when it feeds your work and enriches it, and is enjoyable in its own right, then wow, double winner.
At the moment, I’m researching 1920’s Paris and have been doing for some time. Due to the children’s art books that I researched last year and the one before, Art has crept into the Perfume book, because many great artists lived in Paris at this time. I’ve just read Henry Miller’s ‘Quiet Days in Clichy’ because The Portico Library where I work in town had been donated a beautiful old copy with photographs and I read the first pages, but needed a copy of my own. Of course, it comes without photos in the usual published versions, but I learnt a great deal about Pigalle and living conditions. (Also read George Orwell before Christmas) And an hour ago, I finished Ernest Hemingway’s ‘A Moveable Feast’ about his time in Paris in the early 1920’s. I’ve spoken about connections before, and when that happens if feels as if everything is meant to be. So, linking the Portico with Miller and Hemingway with the Perfume book (title in flux at the moment) and the Cuba book I’m planning on writing next. So, this summer in Cuba, I’m going to visit Hemingway’s haunts to get more of a feel of the man. And I have a list of his books to read. Loving it.


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