Two posts in one day!!

Such a weird day. I’m under the weather and struggling emotionally today, a lot by what’s being thrown up by what I’m writing and then the brilliant NHS being sold off and just aghhh. But the writing, this perfume book I’m working on is bringing up stuff about family, love, life…aghhhhhhh…and what’s so odd is, the writing is flowing so well, really well and yet tears are rolling down my face!! So weird. And I’m posting twice today, when I haven’t been posting much recently.
Well, Agent Jane got back to me again…

From Simon and Schuster:

Hi Jane,
Your email the other day reminded me that I hadn’t yet come back to you on the below – apologies. I really liked the setting – I grew up near Robin Hood’s Bay so know the area well. And the dynamic between the characters is great. But I have quite a lot of historical on my list at the moment and so I feel there’s not quite the space for it here, sadly.
Thanks so much for sharing it with me though, and I hope you find Ruth a great home.
All best wishes, as always,

And this is after another publisher saying that historical fiction is too hard to sell.
But we know this is the way, don’t we?

So the question is, do I go dancing tonight and leave my head behind by going with the physical?


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