Endings. We usually want endings to be satisfying, conclusive. We can feel cheated if not. We’ve taken time to read the book so the ending must deliver a completion to the story.

With the Perfume book, the Coty book – the story of Tessa’s journey, I had the ending. But then, it didn’t seem to fit, it wasn’t her ending, she hadn’t brought it about. So I was overjoyed for it to twist and eureka!! That was the right true end. Or was it? Funny how what we pick up from things we hear, other projects, stuff we read or see, shifts our thinking. Funny how the art books for children I researched have found their way into the world of perfume. Maybe this is why a book we once wrote, we would never write again as we have changed, our ideas and view of life has altered. So, last night, a third ending surfaced and this is The One. It is right. It is progression. It is where Tessa needs to be.



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