It’s strange when inspiration unexpectedly strikes and where it comes from. Facebook, for example. I saw a post showing a clip for a documentary about the Glen Canyon in America that had been flooded in the 1950s to create a reservoir. It was the importance of the place that struck me. A team of three had saved ancient pots and wall paintings that people that had long ago moved away had left behind. Apart from the interesting salvage mission, the film captured how the three felt about the place. The greed and thoughtlessness of the people who had wrecked the canyon and its life of plants and animals and fish and its history and beauty are one side of the coin, the other is the joy and friendship of the people during their time there. The place was magical, it meant something to them.
This made me think about place and why and how we become attached to it. Many return to where they were born or brought up, drawn to it or a similar landscape. Why is that?
And so to the Coty book that I’m writing, Tessa, the main character is drawn not to a place she knows, but a place she belongs. And the ending of the book, that never felt right, has fallen into place. That Eureka Moment when it all makes sense. Place. Tessa goes where she belongs and it’s the right ending! Thanks for that video clip. And now the painful work of editing on the computer. Agh. But I have the ending! Thanks Facebook.


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