Putting your work out there.

The Terrace Market at The Post Office, Wilbraham Road, Chorlton. This Saturday, 12th of December.

Two weeks ago, Helen and I shared a stall at the Terrace Market on a wild, windy, rainy Saturday. Not many people were around and certainly, it wasn’t the type of weather that made you want to linger. Still, it seemed surprising how people walked by without even a glance. We’ve all done it, but to be on the receiving end woke me up. Crafts people, artists, musicians put themselves into what they create and to walk by without a glance causes an effect. I learnt a lot that morning. Don’t take things personally!!

However, when a customer loves something you have created and when people do stop and look and talk, it is a pleasure to have a stall because it gives you the opportunity to talk and to realise why you love creating.

So, we have another opportunity to be part of the market with other, friendly, kind, helpful people selling locally all that they have to offer. Come down, have a chat, look at what people do, be part of the community. I’m hoping the weather is sunny and bright. I won’t take it personally if you walk on by, you have your own mission, thoughts, distractions. I’m learning.DSC05767


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