A very Merry Christmas to Everyone

Well, quite a year with various projects – let’s just keep the ideas flowing and keep experimenting and see what the coming year brings. Let’s use art and creativity to see if we can make some huge changes in the following year – changes that bring us all together. Much love. XDSC05822


Procrastination or creativity expanding?

Many people procrastinate. Every day. Procrastination in the work environment isn’t helpful though or is it? ….When you are your own boss and it’s your own work space, as well, this becomes central.

A writers’ work place is often their home and oh my god, there is much to do rather than write. However, and this is a massive point, if a writer doesn’t write, their world slants out of kilter. So procrastination for a writer can also be destructive to their equilibrium as well as meaning no work gets done, no work, no income. So why not just get on with writing?

I get grouchy if I don’t write. My thoughts float in unconnected groups of words. My body twitches like a dancer who hasn’t moved for days. So why on earth do I procrastinate? I don’t mean making another cuppa, checking facebook or cleaning out the cat litter tray. I mean serious procrastination like taking up another activity altogether.

I’ve made two major detours this year. Number one – the children’s books exploring art with the weather characters. Number two – the joyous, sparkly stick out skirts.

For number one, I now appreciate modern art, I have loved painting in many different styles and have found out the styles I love best.

Number two, I have always loved making clothes so making Ruthie-Tuti skirts has been a breath of fresh air. I want my own workroom for both with shelves for paints and shelves for materials and reels of cotton.

Has this procrastination been worth it? Early days to tell, but money wise, no. Creative -wise, yes. Helped with my writing? Both projects have given me space to think about the books I am writing. But I have veered off course. Agent Jane is trying to find a publisher for Jiddy Vardy and I should be working on the Coty perfume book. I am half way through re-writing. Now I am ready to continue after dragging my feet. That’s a plus, isn’t it?

So has it been worth veering off the path?

I’ve learnt about human nature. I’ve come up with crucial questions for the book. I’ve learnt what ‘foot fall’ means after running a couple of market stalls and learnt how important marketing is. I’ve learnt more about human nature and loyalty. I’ve rounded out my characters.

I’m desperate to rejoin Tessa, Carmen, Mariquita and their mother. It’s been an interesting year and I’m ready for the next.DSC03513

Putting your work out there.

The Terrace Market at The Post Office, Wilbraham Road, Chorlton. This Saturday, 12th of December.

Two weeks ago, Helen and I shared a stall at the Terrace Market on a wild, windy, rainy Saturday. Not many people were around and certainly, it wasn’t the type of weather that made you want to linger. Still, it seemed surprising how people walked by without even a glance. We’ve all done it, but to be on the receiving end woke me up. Crafts people, artists, musicians put themselves into what they create and to walk by without a glance causes an effect. I learnt a lot that morning. Don’t take things personally!!

However, when a customer loves something you have created and when people do stop and look and talk, it is a pleasure to have a stall because it gives you the opportunity to talk and to realise why you love creating.

So, we have another opportunity to be part of the market with other, friendly, kind, helpful people selling locally all that they have to offer. Come down, have a chat, look at what people do, be part of the community. I’m hoping the weather is sunny and bright. I won’t take it personally if you walk on by, you have your own mission, thoughts, distractions. I’m learning.DSC05767