Ruthie-Tuti Skirts

Sometimes we need a break from writing. Often just need to go and make a cuppa, take a walk, meet up with someone….can you see these ‘breaks’ from writing are getting bigger?

At the moment, the break is to make some Fairy Christmas Skirts (Ruthie-tutis…still thinking up a name for them) Still doing something creative though, making certain these skirts allows me to think as well and it’s great how ideas come when you’re doing something else.

They’re for the local Terrace Market at the Post Office this Saturday. Quite liberating to get out of the head and into the hands but I can feel that my hands are beginning to twitch. They are showing signs that they want to be holding a pen rather than a needle or scissors. And that is a good sign because I could have lost all interest in writing and gone to the dark side.

Luckily, this is a happy, creative sideline which also allows me those wonderful eureka moments of ‘so that’s what Tessa would do!’

And isn’t it a great feeling when at the end of the day, you can say, ‘I did that?’ Now all I need is a very large workshop at the bottom of the garden…been saying that for years.


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