How much can a day hold?

How much can a day hold?

DSC02427Three chapters of my next novel to Agent Jane.

Trying to sit correctly at my computer so I don’t strain my neck any more than it already hurts.

Loving the feel of the autumn air and the change of colour and also so sad at the memory of those red and orange leaves driving too and from Wythenshawe Hospital visiting Mum and the late afternoon orange squares of light on the wall of her room when she was put on The Pathway.

And just after six, checking my emails for the last time of the day to hear from Agent Jane saying she loved the three chapters and wants to hear more about perfume but two out of the three publishers she sent Jiddy Vardy to, said ‘No.’

And Genevieve’s Latin Fusion class bringing tears to my eyes because dancing to Brazilian music meant dancing with my whole body but every movement hurt my neck and I kept thinking that one of the publishers had spelt Jiddy Vardy as Jiddy Bardy.

But Genevieve played Baillando as the warm up and that brought back Cuba and the Malecon and the beach and everyone dancing around tables.

And that I always think of autumn as the time of new beginnings and now how sad it also makes me feel.

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