Mind and Body

Mucha for SPRER.jpegMoving the body is important; mind and body both need stretching. We all have our preferences, mine is dance for the body, writing for the mind.

Yesterday morning, the writing flowed, maybe because I knew my subject so well, through books and pages of research. Maybe it flowed because I enjoyed the scenes, the characters, maybe it flowed because it was one of those good days.

However, not only is writing about sticking your backside in a chair and staying there, a writer also needs to do the opposite at times and shake not only the body up to compensate for lack of movement, but also the mind to free up, shake up, let air into those clogged up brain muscles.

Yesterday though, was particularly important for movement. The book I’m working on is an expansion of ‘Meeting Coty’ (published years ago) Agent J says I have to stick to the same ‘genre’ at this stage, not leap from historical to fantasy, to crime to erotica…it’s about marketing an author and if I stick to the same genre, it’s easier. So, ‘Jiddy Vardy’ which she is trying to place now with a publisher is set in 1794-5, the Coty book (working title) is set in 1910-22. Historical Fiction.

Back to why a writer needs to use exercise the body as well as the mind!

a) sitting in a chair all day isn’t great for the body.

b) writing all day can play havoc with the mind! Plus, Coty is very personal to me. It’s based on family history but also, a writer often takes events, emotions, from their own lives and uses them in a different context, like an actor when playing and axe murderer for example!

So, yesterday, I grew increasingly emotional.

I needed to move my body to balance not only my body and my mind but also my emotions. I’d have gone nuts otherwise!

Thank God for Dance!

A perfectly combined day of mind and body work out. What every writer needs to remain healthy 🙂

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