The Journey takes off

It’s been too long because I lost faith in the children’s art books – I knew something was wrong with them, and I also have been very busy with an adult novel, Jiddy Vardy. The Agent, Jane, said I could send her something else. I did. Jiddy Vardy, the story of a smuggler living in Whitby, Yorkshire. She isn’t from there. She is brown skinned and the people of Whitby, pale. It is 1794 and Salt is heavily taxed…people need salt to live, but cannot afford the high price, so they smuggle it in from ships sailing from Holland. Jiddy is a clever woman. She is also loyal. She is also trying to work out where she belongs.

Jane loved the first three chapters. She liked the first half of the book. She liked the second half which I eventually sent to her. She is an agent who makes suggestions. The first words she said to me when I went to meet her were, ‘I am very angry with you.’

Eeekk!! She didn’t like the ending. The meeting went well, we talked. I like her very much indeed. And I trust her. I changed the final ending. I looked over the novel again. She asked me to look at chapter 47 again. I did. She said the last chapter brought tears to her eyes and she loves it. It is in her hands now, or rather the three publishing editors she is sending it to. And now……we wait.

I’ll give an update on the children’s books in another post.DSC03651


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