Back from Cuba…

Back from Cuba over a week ago now. I’m reading Alejo Carpentier’s ‘The Lost Steps’ since I got back. So strange, all these connections (he is a Cuban writer and this book has one of those ‘click’ moments that has always stayed with me) I’d forgotten that the protagonist’s wife is called Ruth (my name) and a book is read, with a story about Genevieve (my eldest daughter’s name)…and that it is a journey, told slowly, with meanderings…and I want to get to the crux moment!!! But as I was told in Cuba, slow down, take time. I’m trying to do this. Heat makes it easier, and we have sunshine at the moment. One other thing I came back to, is that the CAM Hub has had to change the way it sells artists’ work, purely to make a living for its owners. So, the books are out and in boxes again. No news from agents or publishers, but the cards seem to sell. So, I’ve approached several card companies and we’ll see. And I’m also calling in about some volunteer work at a wonderful old Manchester library I love. I real hidden gem. You never know what is possible. Let’s see, but I’m staying calm and accepting of whatever happens. 🙂Ruth Estevez - Kissing

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