Agents’ Responses to Submissions

Falling off the edge

Falling off the edge

Usually Agents are too busy to give feedback to a submission unless they are interested in your work. So, when you get a rejection, it is usually a formatted response to all….

Occasionally, you get more. A handwritten comment scribbled and signed, a personal touch, a word or two that stands out.

And sometimes you get a little extra typed into the formatted letter. Well, this happened yesterday from the Fraser Ross Literary Agency. My manuscript had been with the company a month, so a fairly quick response. As well as the standard words, there was this:

‘….Your commitment to this work is clear and I admire your achievement, but the children’s book market is crowded and extremely competitive place and I’m afraid I feel that we would struggle to place Noise of Snow with a commercial publisher.’

Maybe not high praise, but any comment is helpful. Thank you to Kathryn Ross for taking this time. It is rare.

Writers work alone for much of the time, in a time warp, in isolation, in a void. On the long road, feedback to us baring our souls, putting ourselves on the line, is necessary and yet often difficult to come by.


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