A very interesting talk with a friend who is at the top of her field in the medical profession. She is writing some children’s stories and has sent a couple to agents and publishers. And sent them off to more agents and publishers…

She said that this process has completely shocked her. In the medical profession, for her, she has found that if she puts in the work and knocks on a door, it always opens.

Not so in the Arts. She has worked hard, put in the work, she feels and knocked on doors. They have not only remained closed, but also without comment. I resounding ‘No.’

The Arts. Where unlike the scientific world, talent, skill and hard work do not mean that you will automatically be successful, taking successful to mean published.

So? Why write? You know why.

The issue is, how to eat and put a roof over your head in the process.

And we can discuss the debate, why write if no-one wants to listen? Can you really write in a void? Later.


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