Adventure. A word full of possibility. A word open to interpretation. A word that can suggest something huge or small. But adventure always brings change. After an adventure we are never the same again. Besides writing, I love dancing and once a month I try to go to a Biodanza event. Please look it up, it’s using dance and movement to celebrate the joy of living, and so much more. Saturday’s Biodanza Vivencia opened a door to the beginning of an adventure as every Biodanza Vivencia does. So many doors to find and open. The adventure of living in the moment and putting complete attention to what is going on in that moment and in that place.

And also from Saturday, sending Cold Hands Meet Warm Heart and Noise of Snow out into the world. Funny, how we are more concerned for our off spring than for ourselves. Will people like them? Will people want to spend time with them? Will they be treasured?

And yesterday, seeing a friend I haven’t seen in ages and planning when we’re going to dance together again.

And last night arranging to meet with school friends and plan our next adventure. We did the Dales Way, we had fun on our Whitby Weekender…what next? Wild Swimming in Malham Tarn? The Coast to Coast? A Circular walk, Segways in Dolby Forest? But first, lunch at Libby’s to decide.

And waiting to hear if Lowry, Hopper, Tarsila and Kokoshka will grant permission to use their artwork in Moon’s Secret, the third in the series of books for children. And if not….the adventure of learning about more artists continues.


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