Art at Belvoir Castle

Mother at BelvoirWe went to a wedding at Belvoir Castle near Grantham at the weekend. Wow. A stunning place for a December wedding as Christmas trees and candles, greenery and baubles and roaring fires were everywhere.
One of the many treats that made it stand out from other weddings, this was an event, was a tour of the part of the castle open to the public. The Personal Art Collection was a surprise. A famous portrait of Henry VIII stood out, as did a painting of proverbs. Spot the proverb listed below became a good game. But what I liked most was the wall of family portraits and the stories behind them. One very tragic one, of two brothers play wrestling, and the eldest dying because of damage to one of his organs. Their mother, sent the younger son to live with an aunt and spent forty years carving her elder son’s figure. It’s in the chapel. Beautiful. Tragic, for both boys. The painting of all the children playing together gains a sadness knowing what was to follow.
Loved the glamorous lady with her foul tempered looking dog. And the serene looking mother before tragedy struck.

Paintings capture so much. We fall into them, they tell us stories, they put across ideas, as in the proverb painting, they play on our emotions, able to make us feel sadness or laughter.

A wonderful gallery, a private collection that is luckily open to everyone at certain times of the year.


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