Primary School Visit 2

On Friday, I visited Grassington Primary School in North Yorkshire. The Head teacher, Libby Wheildon, is a very welcoming, enthusiastic Head, who obviously loves children. And she’s a close friend. Thank you Libby for inviting me for a second time into your bright, happy school. It was a busy day there, Christmas decorations being erected and preparations for the Dickensian Fayre the following day, which runs for several weekends on the run up to Christmas.

Still, I read ‘Noise of Snow’ to the Reception and Year 1 class and they listened and looked at the pictures, all quiet and wide-eyed. And then we talked about what made a picture look noisy and what made it look quiet. They were extremely observant and imaginative. Handing out stickers was a little chaotic, but the student teacher helped hand them out. Then we looked at the book again to see if any one picture stood out for them more than the others: they all had different favourites which was fantastic as proves we all have different tastes in Art.

And then it was off to the special assembly where praise was given to classes and individuals, certificates and boxes of chocolates given out and applause, plus I handed out three copies of ‘Cold Hands Meet Warm Heart’ to the children whose pictures appeared in the book. Looking forward to receiving artwork now for ‘Noise of Snow.’ Get painting Grassington Primary School! And many thanks for a wonderful afternoon 🙂DSC03493 (2)

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