Isn’t it funny, strange, reassuring, when you open a door, you can walk into a room and find it begins to fill with like minded people? That’s a round about way of saying that since I started on these art story books for children, and researching artists to feature in them, art keeps popping up all around. Billboards around the country are featuring different pieces of art, and TV programmes about female artists, about Frieda Kahlo have cropped up. The returning of artworks taken from their original owners by the Nazis are now being returned. And I am reading Girl with a Pearl Earring by Tracy Chevalier.

The descriptions in the book feature colours. Wonderful descriptions like ‘I could hear rich carpets in their voices.’

Delicious descriptions, visual descriptions.

And the girl in the book learns about painting from the artist, Vermeer, which echoes the suggestions in my book as to how to try different styles of art for yourself. Dab with the brush, dip in diluted white paint and sweep…use a brush instead of a pencil to sketch…

”I had never seen a painting made from the beginning. I thought that you painted what you saw, using the colours that you saw….that’s what is so strange. It’s painted many colours but when you look at it, you think it’s white.”

And my book, ‘There are many ways to paint – we can paint what we see, how we feel or what we’re thinking about..’ and that was before I’d read Girl with a Pearl Earring.

It’s out there, in the atmosphere, a movement that we’re all thinking about.

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