Loving researching the artists’ biographies and seeing the threads and connections and how artists never stop learning and how this is true, should be true for all of us, developing and experimenting and creating and things don’t work, so we try something else, and oh, yes, that was useful, take that and use that, no, that wasn’t, leave that behind. I liked that once, but not now…so, so interesting. And now, the final section on African masks and reading about the masks made to represent the gods, Shango, god of iron and war, Eshu, the principle of uncertainty (love that), Oshu, the river goddess and Obatala, god of creation and growth, amongst others. And how they keep cropping up, from what I have learnt through Brazilian dance and more recently, Cuban.

All these links bringing us together from all over the world and through all times. Wonderful. 🙂African Art for Noise of Snow (2)


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