Art work

I’m working on the biographies for Noise of Snow now, but still not absolutely sure about all the Art Work. I have lost my nerve in trying to use working artists due to copyright issues. For Cold Hands Meet Warm Heart, two successful working artists, one Brazilian, one West African, both refused permission to reference their work. I’m still waiting to hear from about six. It’s so much easier to use artists who are out of copyright, but that means they are mostly male, white and European. And the whole point of the books is to have a range of nationalities, styles, male/female, past and present. We need to by inspired by working artists today as well as the ones hanging in museums.

My other thought is, that through researching artists, I’ve seen the connections, who influenced who, who worked with who and so artists down the line have been influenced by these originals too…so do I keep with the source?

And it’s also how ‘minds think alike.’ I thought only Piet Mondrian painted in the strong primary colours with white, but no, others did too and before him.

So, it comes down to the nationalities and male/female mix. I have to keep trying.

Talk about covers next time.Shamasia Hassani for Moon's Secret 001 (2)


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