Cold Hands Meet Warm Heart is almost there and that means holding my nerve. Excited to see the finish line, but aware I mustn’t stumble. Mustn’t let ANY self-doubt creep in. The early stages are exciting, you’re gathering information, being inspired, buzzing with ideas, it’s like Rainbow Champagne, but now, I know the book well, too well, the process is about tweaking, questions, am I really sure that’s good enough, checked enough, edited and saying EXACTLY what I want it to say. Is it clear? Again, is it good enough? Is it good enough for me? Self-doubt must not get a look in. Yesterday, it did. Today, I am a woman on a mission. Check, check and check. So much easier when you get out of your head and just get on with the task in hand. claude-monet-for-chmwh-2.jpeg

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