Are we all replaceable?

Well, X-Factor contestants can lose their chair to another singer at the whim of a judge…Martin Sheen was brought in to play the lead in Apocalypse Now when Harvey Keitel didn’t pan out. Sadly, I haven’t gained permission from all the artists or their estates to feature a version of a specific art work in my books, some I am still waiting to hear from. So, they will have to be replaced. But is this possible? Yes. It means more research, it means some imagination and getting out the paints again and re-writing verses that were specific to their art works, so it can be done. They can be replaced. So, yesterday, Georgia O’Keeffe was replaced by Koloman Moser, Gothinja Yamokoski by Gisbert Combaz and eureka! Jackson Pollock by lace! It will work. And Cold Hands Meets Warm Heart is the first out because it is the one where the characters, specifically Sun and Frost, discuss Art. Oh, and redesigning Sun this week too….he’s just not quite the right actor for the part….Koloman Moser for CHMWH (2)


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